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Para-Plus Translations Helps New Clients Bridge Communication Gaps
May 1, 2018
CHERRY HILL, N.J. (April 2018) – New Jersey-based Para-Plus Translations, Inc. (, a global provider of translation and interpretation services, has been chosen as the strategic language services partner for more than 24 new organizations in the first quarter of 2018. New Para-Plus clients include organizations in the legal, health, education, manufacturing, and law enforcement communities.

More than a quarter of Para-Plus’ new partnerships are in the legal profession, which the company has been serving for more than 30 years. Six area law firms and one law enforcement agency now will be supported by Para-Plus, which can provide global legal translation services and legal interpretation services to reduce disparities and inequalities in the justice system. Many Para-Plus translators and interpreters have worked in federal and municipal courts and are skilled at providing accurate, certified interpretations of legal documents and proceedings.

“We look forward to providing translation and interpretation services to all of our new clients,” said Robert Santiago, Chief Operating Officer of Para-Plus. “All of these sectors can benefit from breaking down communication barriers, and our highly skilled team of translators and interpreters can help them accomplish that.”

Para-Plus has welcomed six new partners this year from the education sphere, ranging from the elementary to the university levels. These new education partners include two area school districts. For these clients, Para-Plus will be providing translations of educational documents and interpreting for students, parents, and education officials. Para-Plus also will work with local, regional and federal entities to ensure that students receive the language support they need to thrive.

In addition, Para-Plus has gained two new partners in the healthcare sector, a general health practice and a behavioral health provider. Additional new partnerships include a professional sports team, a mass transit agency, two non-profits, and two manufacturers.

Nearly 40 years after its founding, Para-Plus Translations continues to help clients around the world better communicate and form strong, lasting relationships. The company is operated by Founder Sonia Santiago’s two sons, Robert Santiago, Chief Operating Officer and Carlos Santiago, Vice President.

About Para-Plus Translations, Inc.: Para-Plus Translations is a leading provider of comprehensive global translation, interpretation, transcription, voice-over, sign language and Braille services in more than 100 languages. Founded in 1980, Para-Plus Translations has been offering a wide range of foreign language services to businesses, individuals and organizations for more than three decades. Para-Plus Translations takes pride in delivering outstanding service and personal attention, representing a wide array of industries including businesses, law firms and legal service providers, governments and municipalities, health care, education, financial and insurance institutions. National and international clients rely on Para-Plus Translations to provide document translation, business and trade translation and interpretation, conference translation and interpretation, criminal justice and law enforcement translation and interpretation, medicine and health care translation and interpretation, educational translation and interpretation, and multimedia and voice-over translation and interpretation. The dedicated team of foreign language linguists assists clients in breaking down communication barriers to build lasting relationships with multicultural contacts. For further information, please visit                                                                         

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